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Have you come across a problem where you had itching on your upper and lower eyelids, around your eyes and especially in the area of the caruncle (see below picture)?

Eye Health

Have you been diagnosed with blepharitis affecting your eyelashes and scalp?
Have you had conjunctivitis in the past and it flares up without any reason or when allergy season kicks in? Are you sporadically developing sty/cyst on upper and/or lower eyelids?conjunctivitis

blepharitisThe chances are that you had one or more of the above eye problems in the past and no matter how much care you took of your eyes, it kept popping up time again and again.
The problem is not really with hygiene but over decades certain pathogens, like viruses, bacteria and fungi have found a permanent abode in and around your eyelashes and these pathogens are not going anywhere. They are here to stay. As if that was not enough, these critters aggravate the problem further by interfering with the eye’s Cyst-IInatural tear-duct system clogging them so that eye feels dry on a constant basis. And the problem gets compounded when you try to remedy the issue with over the counter pharmaceutical products such as:

  • Eye drops for dry eyes
  • Dry eyes advanced formulas
  • Lubricating drops
  • Eyewashes
  • Natural tears ophthalmic solutions
  • Red Eye drops
  • Multi-symptom eye drops
  • Pink Eye Relief eye drops
  • Ophthalmic Ointments
  • Allergy Relief eye ointment/drops

You name it…. I had tried them all with little comfort for a while and then the irritation and red eyes usually returned with a vengeance.

I was afflicted with two of the above issues (blepharitis and conjunctivitis) for decades and especially last +4 years when I used contact lenses on a regular basis, the problems just intensified and I had repeat visits to my optometrist. Due to my regular visits to her, her patience with me finally ran out and she gave me a long lecture why contact lens wearers can never have a white sclera and eyes will always be red when inflamed and turn to a pink color only in good days. Boy was she wrong….


Dark Circles

Anyways, long story short….the funny part is that I stumbled across the solution to this predicament by accident. How that happened I will put that story in another post and provide the link here.
Now if YOU are really looking for good eye health for your precious eyes, then look no more. Here is the formula for a blend of essential oils that not only gets rid of all these problems, but also gets rid of dark circles around the eyes and wrinkled skin. The relief from itching is almost instantaneous the first time you apply it. The formula itself is simple.

The formula is for free and all I need from you is your testimonial once you get the relief you deserve. If you are a contact lens wearer, it will become a heck more comforting wearing them without the hassle of dry and itchy eyes. So, what are you waiting for? Click below button already to get the relief you deserve! After all, you were brought to this amazing blog, not by chance but because you were sincerely looking for a solution guaranteed to give you relief. This easy to use solution is everything you had been looking for optimum eye health and never worry again about itchy eyes. A safe and effective way to treat your eyes and take control of your own health.

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  • KittyP

    I still not get what is the problem showing of this problem? Can someone please tell me what should I use for treatment?

  • I think you did an incredible job explaining it in your article.
    Sure beats having to research it on my own. Many thanks.

  • http://kendragon666.tumblr.com/

    A thoughtful insight and wonderful suggestions you have on your
    site. You have obviously spent lots of time on this. Great job!

  • Hi there! Wonderful post! Please keep sharing because I’ll be staying tuned for many more!

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  • Rabi Chaudhary

    I used to get styes very often and was diagnosed with blepharitis too. My eyes used to feel itchy most of the time as well. I tried most over the counter pharmaceutical washes and eye drops but nothing seemed to help. The styes were not only a nuisance but were painful and stayed for two weeks at a time even though I was using hot compresses twice a day. Then I received this concoction of essential oils, which I began applying daily to my eyes. Not only was the itching gone but the styes slowly began to disappear. I feel very relieved to have received this treatment.

  • Iftikhar Ahmad Qureshi

    I suffered from dryness around my eyes for several years. My eyes were itchy & sometimes flakes
    would come off from my skin under the eyes. It would get so dry that sometimes under skin water
    would ooze through the cracks.
    I was getting quite frustrated after trying several oils & different kinds of skin lotions I contacted
    Rizwan Qureshi who was using some kind of oil for skin dryness. He gave me this blend of oils to use
    daily on all dry skin areas on my face. To my amazement I found that this blend was very useful in getting rid of the dryness. It also eliminated dark areas under the eyes.
    This blend of oils has helped me tremendously and I can go without using it for few days now. I recommend this to anyone with similar problems.
    blend for any one having similar problems.

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