About myself

Hey, I’m Rizwan

I have started this blog to communicate with my fellow citizens of the world of my presence on this earth. We live only for a short period of time and life is so much fulfilling if it is lived with a positive attitude and to the fullest which each one of us is capable of.

I have lived all of my life in cities and city life is pretty much what I know of. More recently I experienced the joy of switching off the TV (yes the apparatus known as Television) and found that there is so much else to life than viewing the screen all day long. Correction, I still do have the TV, but no cable! After getting rid of the cable company, I noticed a big improvement both in my spiritual life and physical health as I focused more on eating healthy and staying healthy.

We humans by nature do crave for entertainment and, unfortunately, most of us are addicted to drama, movies, theaters and everything else that goes with it. I, however, switched to other forms of entertainment where I could nurture body, mind and spirit and no matter what life throws at you, to be a victor at the end.

After my transition, I uncovered the art of healing myself by means of what to put in my body as the famous saying by Hippocrates goes

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

Well said.

I had been experiencing health issues for a number of years, some even decades before I realized that nature did provide us with remedies for most diseases (except aging). Remedies that are effective without side effects – and this is no exaggeration.

Humanity has been around for millennia, but the world as we know it has changed drastically over a short period of time as little as one century. In the 18th century, we were still using horses and cattle as our means of transport and late 19th century witnessed the emergence of combustion engines and shortly thereafter humanity landed on the moon in 1969.

With the advent of new technologies, we have seen great strides achieved in all fields of science…..but all of this came with a price – pollution. The once pristine lands have been transferred to garbage dumps and rivers/oceans into cesspools of chemicals, plastics and stuff produced by pharmaceuticals. There is no way we can totally avoid these bio-hazards which are causing death and suffering to millions unparalleled in the history of civilization.

There is a way to reverse this destructive trend. It is a long way to go, but a long journey starts with the first step. Please join my weekly newsletter for simple tips and suggestions on how to improve your health and general well-being.