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Frankincense Tree1

Frankincense This essential oil is truly the king of the oils. Its resins are derived from a tree known as Boswellia carteri. Frankincense resin is a milky-white sticky liquid that flows from the trunk of the tree when small incisions are made. As a result, the tree reacts by secreting the milky-white liquid to heal the wound. The tree grows in unforgiving climates […]

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Peppermint Oil

Peppermint Oil Sacs

Peppermint Oil You will find many articles online dealing with this subject matter, but I will present here a suggestion that is not discussed in many articles. It can be very useful for people who are athletes or just regular people like me that like to go to the gym on a regular basis. It is a herbaceous perennial plant and […]

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Oil Of Clove


Oil of Clove By Rizwan Qureshi Clove oil is one of the most remarkable oils that our Creator has gifted to all of mankind to overcome certain maladies that afflict us quite so often and require intervention. There is a tremendous amount of useful information which I am summarizing here in non-technical terms for everyone to understand. Cloves are the dried flower […]

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Cinnamon Bark Oil

sticks and powder

Cinnamon Bark Oil and Powder I have to yet see a person who does not like the scented aroma and rich flavor of cinnamon. This nature’s wonder is generally found in tropical countries such as India and Sri Lanka also formerly known as Ceylon. But now this shrub is grown in almost every tropical region of the world that has a […]

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Cold Sores


Cold Sores and Remedies Cold sores look more like blisters when they flare in the form of fluid-filled pockets beneath the skin’s surface. They generally appear around the mouth or on the lips. These can even break open at times and ooze over and the outbreak can last for up 7 to 10 days. Depending upon individuals, sometimes it can not be treated with […]

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Eye health


Have you come across a problem where you had itching on your upper and lower eyelids, around your eyes and especially in the area of the caruncle (see below picture)? Have you been diagnosed with blepharitis affecting your eyelashes and scalp? Have you had conjunctivitis in the past and it flares up without any reason or when allergy season kicks in? […]

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Oregano is a common species of Origanum Vulgare, a genus of the mint family. It is native to warm-temperate western and southwestern Eurasia and the Mediterranean region This magic plant has been used for thousands of years as a spice and as a medicine. Hippocrates, known as the father of medicine, used Oregano as a cure for many ailments. The oil […]

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Helichrysum the queen of flowers


Helichrysum is really the queen of flowers. Helichrysum is also known by other names like Everlasting oil and Immortelle oil. A tiny flower such as this, has the potential to relieve suffering and in addition make the skin look much younger and defy time. Helichrysum oil itself is obtained by distillation process. Over a 1,000 Kg of flower heads are needed to make about […]

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Ylang Ylang


Known by its botanical name Cananga odorata, commonly called ylang-ylang is a tropical tree which is commonly found in the rain forests of certain Asian and South Pacific Islands. The flower itself is star shaped as shown in the picture and is used extensively by the perfume industry. Various cultures have used the essence of this flower as an aphrodisiac […]

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